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Paris is typically ranked the number one tourist destination in the world. With its numerous historical monuments and world-class museums, not to mention its cuisine, culture, fashion and architecture, Paris offers an unforgettable holiday experience for every type of traveller. Whether you're exploring Paris' main tourist sites such as the Musee du Louvre , Eiffel Tower or Notre Dame , enjoying French cuisine in a neighbourhood café or just wandering the charming cobblestone streets, a Parisian vacation is something to be treasured forever.

Renting a Paris apartment is the perfect alternative to staying in an expensive Parisian hotel. With numerous holiday flats available, Paris offers a wide selection of vacation rentals to fit every budget and accommodation size. Staying in a holiday rental is not only less expensive than a hotel, it also allows vacationers to enjoy the City like a local; having the ability to view another side of the City - one that is off the tourist circuit, where you can experience how true Parisian's experience daily life in the City.

Although a major European capital with more than one million inhabitants, Paris is a compact metropolitan city that is easy to navigate. Paris is separated into 20 areas or arrondissements , and each one offers a unique Parisian experience. The oldest part of Paris is in the lower numbered districts (1st - 4th), featuring many of the key historical monuments. Areas of Paris are also described as being on the "Left Bank" or "Right Bank" of the Seine, the main river that runs through the middle of the City.

The origins of Paris can be traced to the appropriately named Ile de la Cité (The City Island) in 300 BC, now located in the first arrondissement . Most holiday flats are concentrated in the first through eighth arrondissements , in order to be close to major tourist attractions. The Louvre and Notre Dame are in the 1 st , the Marais is in the 4 th , Saint Germain is in the 6 th and the Champs-Elysées is in the 8 th . However, moving outwards to the higher number districts you will also find sites such as the Bastille (12 th ), the Eiffel Tower (15 th ) and Sacre Coeur (18 th ) all in charming and interesting neighbourhoods. The outer arrondissements offer another side of Paris, one that is still rich with museums and monuments, but also off the tourist track and closer to real Parisian life.

Paris also features an outstanding rapid transit system allowing for easy access to all corners of the City. However, the best way to view Paris is by wandering the cobblestone streets. Paris also has a free citywide bike rental service that provides another way to visit the sights and get around the City. And however you see the City, you will find your home in the City in your own Paris apartment.

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