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There are thousands of eateries in Paris, they go under the banners of cafes, restaurants, brasserie, tearooms and bistros. Most eateries also serve wine with their meals and that includes cafes. It is harder to find a meal on Sundays and Mondays as a lot of the restaurants close on these days.

Paris Restaurants Most restaurants have a fixed price menu, that may include a budget two course menu, or the other dining option is the a la carte, where you have more menu options but also will cost a bit more. A service charge of 15% is included in your bill, but you can also tip fro exceptional service.

As you would expect in Paris, gourmet dining is top notch and of course so are the prices. If you want to experience a true gourmet Parisian feast lunch is often the better option, you will receive some wonderful dishes but pay half of what you would expect to for dinner dining. The wine lists are often endless and offer very good varieties and the price of some wine can be as high as you could possibly imagine.

As you would expect from one of the greatest cities in the world, there are several fine restaurants to choose from. The following is a list of 10 well-established restaurants but not necessarily in numerical order. All of these fine restaurants require advance reservations and is advised to call or write well ahead of your visit. Additionally there may be a dress code require so please inquire with the restaurant you intend on visiting.

Taillevent : Considered to be one of the finest (and most expensive) restaurants in Paris, the Taillevent is world-class restaurant and typically voted #1 in Paris in many restaurant surveys, and also features one of Paris' finest chefs in Alain Soliveres. Located at 15 Rue Lammenais in the 8 th arrondissement, it is about 400 metres from the Champs Elysees.

Le Chateaubriand : Ranked among the world's greatest restaurants, Le Chateaubriand is a slightly more affordable restaurant than most of the others listed here, yet on par in quality, décor and excellence with any of the others mentioned here. The dinner menu is only a prix-fixe (fixed price) but you won't be alarmed by the prices as compared to the Taillevent or the Alain Ducasse. The young French chef and owner Inaki Aizpitarte is an up and coming chef in modern cuisine. Le Chateaubriand is located in the area of the 11 th and 12 arrondissements.

Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenee : Another Michelin rated 3 star restaurant (the highest ranking) is the Alain Ducasse located in the luxury Hotel Plaza Athenee. The executive chef is the well-known Alain Ducasse, who owns many of Paris' top restaurants such as the elegant Le Jules Verne on the 2 nd level of the Eiffel Tower, Benoit Paris and the Aux Lyonnais and is considered to be the finest chef in Paris.

Tour d'Argent : With excellent view of the Notre Dame Cathedral and the River Seine, the Tour d'Argent (Silver Tower) Restaurant is an excellent choice for dining in the City of Lights. This restaurant is well known for its huge and priceless collection of wine, with 800,000 bottles in the cellar and is known to be guarded 24 hours a day. The restaurant depicted in the Walt Disney movie Ratatouille was based upon this restaurant.

Le Grand Vefour : Considered to be amongst the most beautiful restaurants in Paris, the Grand Vefour was the first grand restaurant in the city and a popular choice for Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte himself. It is located in the arcade of the Royal Palace, in the 1 st arrondissement, about 700 metres north of the Paris Lourve. This fine restaurant was a favourite of Julia Child, the American chef and television host known for her famous best-selling cookbook "Mastering the Art of French Cooking", published in 1961.

Le Cinq : Located in the Four Seasons Hotel George V Hotel, Le Cinq is a very popular choice for travellers looking for excellent French cuisine. This restaurant is well known for its excellent service and equally impressive menu and you just might envision yourself as a French royal is this incredible setting. The hotel and restaurant are on Avenue George about 350 metres south of the Champs Elysees.

Les Ambassadeurs : This elegant choice for dining is considered to be one of the Paris restaurants in Paris. Located in the oldest luxury hotel in Paris and one of the world's oldest, the Hotel de Crillon built in 1758, Les Ambassadeurs is currently a 2 star Michelin restaurant with the up and coming French chef Christopher Hache who replaced the well respected chef Jean-Francois Piege who moved on to yet another fine restaurant in Paris, the Thoumieux, located near the Hotel National des Invalides. The Hotel de Crillon, known for its panoramic views of Paris and the Eiffel Tower, is one the eastern end of the Champs Elysees near the Place de la Concorde.

Le Meurice : Overlooking the Tuileries Garden on the Rue de Rivoli near the Lourve in the 1 st arrondissement, this fine restaurant is another Michelin 3 star restaurant located in the world-class hotel of the same name. Its chef is Yannick Alleno and is also considered to be one of the finest chefs in Paris and in the entire world. The hotel is a very popular choice amongst the rich and famous, with the famous American popular singer Beyonce a frequent visitor.

L'Espadon : The L'Espadon (Swordfish) is located in one of the most famous names in hotels and one of the world's finest, the Ritz Paris. The Ritz Paris, built in 1898, is located in the 1 st arrondissement adjacent to the Place Vendrome and about 1 km north west of the Lourve. Also of particular interest at the Ritz Paris are the equally famous Ritz Bar and the Hemingway Bar, named after the famous American novelist Ernest Hemingway who favoured this bar at the Ritz.

Maxim's Paris : Located just 200 metres from the Buddha Bar and Restaurant near the Place de la Concorde is Maxim's Paris, which opened in 1893. The art noveau masterpiece influenced by both French and Asian art is a favourite amongst travellers and locals alike. The world famous French fashion designer Pierre Cardin owns the restaurant. Also on the property are a cabaret and an art noveau museum with 19 th century furnishings and paintings.

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